No Homophobia



Many gay Greek Australians have a very difficult time accepting their sexuality not so much from the joy it brings them but more so from the stigma associated with it. In English gay can also mean happy. A gay fella can also be thought of or seen as a happy fella. A problem arises however when the word gay is used in modern slang to describe something undesirable , like ” that’s so gay”.

The translation of gay into Greek usually derives pousti. The term “puosti” can be used affectionately like in ” vre pousti mou” or in a more detrimental sense as in “poustia”. This misuse of words can play havoc when one tries to come to terms with their own identity.

The Greeks tend to prefer the word “omophililophilos” to “puosti” and at first glance it may seem they are prefering the term homosexual to gay. “Omophililophilos” however if  I was to make up my own English equivalent would sound something more like homofriend or homokisslover. To me they sound pretty cool. Although kissing can lead to sex the focus is not on the sexual.
Cultural identity can be  difficult to define especially when words are used in the community to offend.

Today I say you can call me what you like as long as it isn’t  in a offensive manner. One day however I would just like to be referred to as someone’s husband. Its not an outrageous wish . It’s just something I was brought up to believe I would be. I did let go of that idea when coming to terms with who I am not so much because I wanted to but more due the existing structure of society.

The use of these words in ways meant to describe something offensive continues to place undue hardship on those growing up today . Letting go of the taught idea of being a husband or wife just adds to the compounding of that. Issues like this about ones identity can complicate mental stability and It’s easily seen how this may translate to negative health outcomes.

International day against homophobia, biphobia and transphobia IDAHO is being held on the 17th of May . The 17 th of May 1990 was the day homosexuality was removed by the World Health Organisation as an International Classification Of Disease.